Starting From Scratch
Taking on EVE from the Beginning, a Minmatar Perspective

The Morning After

Well after a few quick missions last night I headed for bed and set a longer skill training. I do love this aspect of EVE, I can use the game to advance even when I cannot find time to play. After rising this morning I was able to train two skills to base level one and then set a longer skill as I prepare to go about my day. I am focusing on my learning skills right now. The learning skills increase attributes which in turn allow skills to train faster. I am also going to train up my base science skills so I can get cybernetics. Implants will allow another skill increase and while I cannot afford them they are not impossible to find so I am preparing for potential luck.

With the skill training moving along nicely I turned back to my mission running, I am currently working through the ten part starter missions.

I have been fighting a local group of pirates that are causing issues for legal activity. During my combats I have discovered the leader of this group of thugs, or more aptly he has discovered me. In a recent mission he used a spider drone to tie down my Reaper while sending in his thugs. I was able to steadily kill of his thugs, the whole time he sat at a safe distance trying to smack talk me. Once his last thug was destroyed rather than taking up the fight himself he ran. The leader goes by the name Steon and it seems my agent has a personal vendetta against him, I expect to see him again soon.

In the last mission I was able to run today I was sent to investigate a pirate gate, a secret place they use to enter and leave the system. I found the gate and was a bit suprised to find that it had no ships guarding it. As I approached the gate for a closer look my sensors noted dangerous radiation levels. Suddenly my shields began to fall as the radiation beat on them. I quickly turned away and warped back to base.

Once back at base I began the work of repairing my ship. I also made some more upgrades with parts I had salvaged, mounting a second 125mm Gatling Gun and an Afterburner module provided by my agent. While the Reaper may be a beginner ship I am impressed with the upgrades I have so far been able to make. While not as formidable as some of the more advanced frigates I have become found of this ship and will feel a bit of remorse when I move on.

I have been contemplating the RP background of Mukiri, as I noted his name means Silent One. I had thought about this being a descriptive name, perhaps one where he could not speak. The idea would be that he was mutilated as a child slave and saved. His becoming a POD pilot was a fluke due to a demand for pilots to help free other slaves, by passing the normal procedures. To RP this correctly I would have to not ever type in local, and would even take this so far as to not chat on voice comms when in RP mode. Mukiri would have to use an alternate form of communication such as sending a single . in fiction represented as a quick comm click to affirm and a .. to respond as negative. In fiction he would have to write to others for extended conversations or learn basic sign language.

As most RP in EVE tends to be in the forums this would be really interesting to RP and the more I consider it the more I like it.


One Response to “The Morning After”

  1. Considering the civilization in which we now live, I am more than certain that certain accomodations can me made, even for those who cannot speak. An simple implant that sends comms out in text format fits wonderfully with the game… just format it the same way each time.

    Some. Modern. Voice. Recognition. Programs. Send. Out. Messages. In. This. Format. For. Example.

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