Starting From Scratch
Taking on EVE from the Beginning, a Minmatar Perspective

And It Begins

I started playing EVE sometime back, I have played it on and off for almost 3 years now and have to admit it is one of the few games that keeps drawing me back.

As an avid role player, a lover of great fiction and a player that truly enjoys the feel of a fresh character I have had my share over the last few years. I have gone by quite a few names, some have even become well known. However when I come back I want to enjoy the NEW feel of EVE each time so start from scratch.

Normally this works out really well as I have accumulated quite a bit of wealth from previous character and so I can start with a great cash backing. This time however from an RP as well as just gaming experience I wanted to once again start from scratch, no ISK, no extra materials, the bare bones new player experience. Since I am able to do this from the position of a player with a good base knowledge I am hoping this blog will be entertaining and useful to a new player.Reaper

I began by picking the character I wanted to play. Since I have been reading the EVE novel and wanted to start as dirt poor scratching my way up I chose to go the route of  the Minmatar. This decision was in no small way influenced by the pure cool factor of the way their ships now look since the game upgrades. That tied to my system being able to run max detail and I must say the view alone is worth the play. Even the Minmatar noob ship, the reaper looks great.

With my new ship in hand I began my quest to become a skilled Minmatar Warrior. My characters name is Mukiri, which means silent one. Would never know it from this blog would you? He was trained in the Republic Military School and is working currently for the same.

After completing my first two missions I moved to the Hadaugago system and began my graduate training. In my first mission I was tasked with killing pirates that where causing problems in a local asteroid field. My stock reaper proved up to the challenge but it was obvious I was not flying the most effective combat ship. As a poor, new pilot I was forced to make some tough decisions. I made use of my ISK to purchase some needed training material to advance my skills in various educational areas. However this left me with no money for purchasing of a better ship or weapons. I am determined for now to sue salvage to acquire upgraded materials.

My first mission yielded me a Civilian Shield Booster and a 125mm Gatling Autocannon, not the best of equipment but a definite upgrade over the stock loadout on the Reaper. I also was able to recover some ammunition for the Autocannon, EMP and Titanium Sabot rounds. I am confident these upgrades will make this ship a more effective fighting machine.

Speaking of the ship, calling it by it’s class or a generic name seems wrong and so I have decided to name her, New Beginning. And so with New Beginning to take me on my adventures I begin my journey through EVE once again. I do not know where the journey will take me or where it might end. I do know that adventure awaits and a chance to help free the Minmatar people from the Amarr slavers.


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